Telecom Operator Solutions


Solutions Overview

重庆彩票网址YSTen, as a technology company dedicated to OTT TV business, provides telecom operators with end-to-end integrated solutions, professional operation support and business consultation services, in-depth engagement in home broadband business of telecom operators, and has become a leader in smart TV business honored as an expert in OTT platform technology and service.

With complete OTT platforms and terminal product lines, advanta重庆彩票网址geous license and content resources and rich experience in practical operation, YSTen company has been cooperating with multiple provincial operators in OTT business, and has achieved industrial leadership in terms platform deployment, number of actual users and quality and effect of operation and service.

重庆彩票网址YSTen, as a technology company dedicated to OTT TV business, provides telecom operators with all-round effective content, brand, terminal, platform technology and customized services: 

* Content convergence
重庆彩票网址YSTen, with its content convergence platforms, introduces quality CP content, operation and operation technology support services for license operators and customers

* Complete end-to-end operation platform
With years of operation in OTT TV products, YSTen has formed the full-chain product line of OTT TV, including: 
-Content convergence and integration platforms
-Content integration broadcast control platforms
-Business operation and management platforms
-Content delivery and management platforms
-Smart terminal system middleware

* Professional operation support services
YSTen provides telecom operators with telecom operators:
Routine operation services: regular statistics of business operation data for comparison and analysis, coordination and provision of relevant operation reports.
Marketing support services: marketing training, design and production of promotion materials, online marketing and promotion, organization and promotion of offline activities, etc.
Customized industrial services: providing customized services according to the features of industrial customers, including customization of terminal content and screen customization, etc. 
Technical operation and maintenance services: monitoring of business quality, analysis and handling of business complaints, locating and troubleshooting of platform faults, customer satisfaction survey, etc.
After-sales system integration services: coordination of customer service work flows, coordination and preparation of screening process for customer service problems, and supervising the customer service support of manufacturers according to the work flow.   
Application innovation services: providing application innovation, design and development services according to the requirements of business development and customer demands.

Solution features
* enhancing the ability of operators to participate in and control the industrial chain of the Internet: deploying the smart terminals featuring convergence of the three networks at customers’ homes  to lay a foundation for developing more communication services and value-added services for operators in the future.  Avoiding being channelized by Internet services, reducing the impact of the Internet industry on the communication businesses of operators.
* Enhancing the core competitiveness of home services: enhancing user viscosity, reducing customer  churn rate and improving users’ APRU value through packaged video services and operator communication services.
* Promoting the development of broadband band business: OTT TV business allows for effective filling of the network bandwidth with the broadband acceleration mechanism to enhance customer experience and promote further development of broadband business of telecom operators.
* Promotion the development of 4G business integration: OTT TV business combines broadband with mobile businesses to form packages of integrated products of operators, enhance the overall competitiveness of integrated packages of operators and form consummated differentiated business ability and service ability of operators.  
* Meeting the increasing demand of users for home entertainment: YSTen  offers various terminal products meeting the demands of users, who can enjoy the experience of KTV in their living rooms, share the happiness on multiple screen, mobile phones and TV screens, for instance, and other features like social interaction on the TV  screen, mobile phone controller, can perfectly integrate video, image, game and leisure sports to make the users “fully” immersed in the interactive experience. 
* Creating incomes from value-added services: offering rich video-related value-added products with multiple subscription modes like single point, weekly and monthly payment, including such products and services like Video on Demand (VOD), TV shopping, Paid Channels, Cloud Games and Karaoke, etc.


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