New TV Service Solutions


Meeting the demands for various occasions
“YSTen Next-generation TV” products can meet all demands of the users, from the the strong positive demand to know clearly what to watch to the strong passive demand to kill some time.
Column-based Presentation of TV Programs
CCTV channels and provincial satellite channels which the users focus on are segmented in TV highlights and shown to the users in the manner combining channels with columns. Users can search for TV programs by channel, program type or other dimensions. Besides, the VOD feature can help the users to remove the limitations on the viewing time of TV programs. 
Personalized TV services
“YSTen Next-generation TV” products will help operators to provide users with personalized TV services, which help users to find their favorite programs according to their personal play lists, personalized content recommendations and their social circles so that they can enjoy such contents in a more dedicated, easier and more joyful manner, and can reduce or eliminate the impact of the limitation of broadcasting time by traditional live TV channels on the user’s experience.
Your Play List 
Guest What You Want
What Everybody is Watching
Smart Recommendation
Multi-screen TV Services
Interaction between Mobile Phone and TV Set
Cloud Synchronization
Cloud Screen Projection
Cloud Remote Control
Socialized TV Services
Taipan supports socialized TV services, with mobile clients as the major means of social operations, and supports such other functions that allow uses to call friends to share the same programs, chat with friends, send Danmaku and share films, etc..

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