Platform Solutions


Solutions Overview

YSTen’s platform products cover the whole ecological chain of OTT TV, including content convergence platforms, content broadcast control platforms, business operation and management platforms, CDN platforms and terminal system middleware.  
The content integration service platforms can realize such management functions like content introduction, code conversion and cataloging, and are capable of rapid introduction and integration of third-party contents. After the content integration service platform introduces and integrates the contents, the integrated broadcast control platform will audit the contents before launching them on line for broadcasting.

重庆彩票网址The integrated broadcast control platform is a safe broadcast control platform of basic video business focusing on TV program services. The  integrated broadcast control platform solution provides users with diversified video/audio services including OTT TV video services to achieve safe end-to-end broadcast control, program operation and broadcasting of OTT TV contents. 

重庆彩票网址The business operation and maintenance platform is responsible for differentiated operation according to areas, user groups and terminal types while providing flexible functions like business management, screen management, operation and maintenance, business introduction and convergence and terminal management. The business operation and maintenance platform should work with the broadcast control platform to realize end-to-end broadcast control so as to ensure safe broadcasting of video contents.

The Internet content delivery and transmission CDN, which provides Chinese OTT TV with core video acceleration, is the network guarantee for Chinese OTT TV to offer excellent video services. The CDN platform, based on HTTP dynamic flow control and dynamic networking structure, supports resumption from point of disconnection,  multi-thread concurrent operation, dynamic deployment of terminal flow control to avoid single-service fault; supports dynamic switching of multiple bit streams and can adjust bit streams in real time according to the network conditions and effect of broadcasting;  and dispatches heterogeneous CDN resources through integration of the sources and the terminals.

重庆彩票网址The terminal middleware, the safe broadcast control module running in the smart terminal, is embedded with common components for OTT TV, including launcher, screen display, browser, CDN dispatching module, authentication module, multi-screen interaction module and terminal management, etc. The terminal middleware should work with the broadcast control platform to realize safe end-to-end broadcasting of video contents.

Platform features
* Rapid content integration
The content convergence platform can provide content service license operators with rapid and complete ability of content integration and convergence to facilitate content integration rapidly and conveniently for business cooperation.
* Safe end-to-end broadcast control
The integrated broadcast control platform provides uniform broadcast control to ensure political correctness and safe broadcasting. It ensures controllability of OTT TV programs and can provide OTT TV users with quality services.
* Flexible business operation
The business operation and management, platform can provide consummated operation ability and management ability during the settlement, ensuring rapid settlement of the business and providing flexible customization functions and operation capacity. 
* Rapid content delivery
The Internet Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution ensures the speed and stability of OTT TV video data transmission. It realized encryption, division and other pretreatment operation of all video contents via the secure encryption system, ensuring security of video contents. CDN resources can be switched automatically to ensure the viewing effect of the terminal.  The adaptive bit rate switching feature  can automatically switch to the suitable bit rate for the user to view the contents smoothly according to the network conditions of the user, thus realizing smart dispatching 
* Uniform user experience
The terminal middleware  module can shield hardware differences and provide the uniform user experience. Through flexible customization and display of the screen, the terminal management module and CDN dispatching and authentication modules, etc, it can realize unifo


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