Industrial Solutions


Solution Overview

YSTen provides industrial users, according to their features, with integrated, systematic and complete solutions with leading OTT TV platform technology, rich experience in business expansion of OTT TV business and consummated service ability

For hotel customers, for instance, YSTen can provide:
* Customized pages with background images editable for hotels 
* Offering entrance for hotel commercials
* Offering accommodation guides for hotels
* Offers video entrances like VOD
Building brand images for hotel customers, improving competitiveness, enhancing customer satisfaction and creating added value for customers. 

Solution Features
* Short term of implementation: project can be implemented rapidly, meeting industrial user’s demand for rapid launch of service.
* Strong ability of customization: YSTen boosts the ability of commercial customization and in-depth system development for industrial customers, and is capable of in-depth customization of products according to the features of the industry, supporting customization of homepage, background and company introduction customization, advertisement playing, customized wall-mounted installation, remote control for learning programs and locked system settings, etc.
*Differentiated operation: embodying the individualized content demands of regional users by differentiated content operation according to areas and industries. 
* Professional operation team: YSTen has a professional operation team and has set up branches or offices in 25 provinces of the country, who are capable of providing industrial customers with considerate services.
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